frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to most of the questions frequently asked by first time users of our platform

What is the name of the company?


Who are brains behind Resolution Technologies?

  • a) Mr. Faithful Samuel (Co-founder/CEO)
    b) Mrs. Amaka Ohadumokwu (Co-founder/Director)

When was the company founded?

  • 2018

What are your Products/Services?

  • VTU for Airtime, Universal pin Recharge Data, Cable TV Subscription and Electricity Bills Payments - PHCN, EPINS, HOTEL BOOKING, ONLINE SHOPPING, ETC

Do you have an office in Nigeria?

  • Yes, our head office is in Port Harcourt. 443 Ikwere Road, Opp. FCMB kala Bus Stop, Port Harcourt, River State. With sub offices in various States.

Is the company registered with CAC?

  • Yes, RC NO: 921053

Are you sure this company won't fold up like others?

  • Very sure because as long as we have human live we will always need these VTU products

How do I join your company?

  • Get a Referral ID from who told you about the company and signup

Must I refer before I start making money?

  • NO, you can make money from your personal usage of the products and distributing VTU products to others.

Getting people is hard, how do I go about it?

  • Not anymore in these days that we have social media or Radio advertisement platforms.

Why should I target leaders to join me?

  • They have influence on people already.

You said referring people is very good, HOW please?

  • The mouth watering COMPENSATION PLAN for referral and VTU bonus is for only those who refer others.

Can I refer more than 3 people directly?

  • SURE you can register as many as you can

Does spillovers help my downlines?

  • No it doesn't

How then can I help my downlines?

  • You can choose to use their usernames to signup people

Is the VTU for all networks?

  • YES it is for MTN, GLO, AIRTEL & 9mobile plus 470 other networks worldwide

How do I sell this VTU?

  • From the RESOTECH Customized VTU E-Wallet

The monies in my E-Wallet, how do I get it as cash to spend?

  • You can transfer to your bank everyday, sell to other RESOTECH distributors who need E-Wallet funding OR sell as VTU

What about RPs, what are they used for?

  • To qualify for monthly leadership bonuses and incentives/Awards

How do I accumulate RPs?

  • From NEW Signups and Member's VTU license UPGRADES

What is the benefit of UPGRADING my VTU license?

  • It helps you avoid loosing referral commissions, point values and VTU bonuses

What if I don't wish to Upgrade my VTU license?

  • You will loose bonuses from some generations.

How do I Upgrade my VTU license?

  • Simple, have the E-Wallet funds available in your RESOTECH backoffice and click the UPGRADE button under Package, then select the package you which to upgrade to, enter your transaction pin and submit.

What is the difference between the monthly RP and cumulative RP?

  • Monthly RP qualifies you for the Monthly Leadership Bonus of ₦120,000 and you must achieve 15,000RP in a month while Cumulative RP qualifies you for INCENTIVES worth a total of ₦15.5million, no time frame to qualify.

If I do not make Leadership Bonus this month, what happens to my RPS?

  • It rolls over to your Cumulative RPS

Can I make Leadership bonus every month?

  • YES YOU CAN... Just be passionate about your biz

If I accumulate more than 100,000RP, will I still be earning?

  • YES you will... Check out the just added incentives

Do I get RP and commissions for my indirect sign ups?

  • YES you do

How do I earn VTU bonuses?

  • From the recharge of Airtime(0.50%) and Data(2%) of all your downlines from level 1-16

Can people outside Nigeria join RESOTECH?

  • YES! Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, USA, Canada, etc. The company is already working on other African countries, this market may be open by next year

When I register with ₦5k/₦50k and am given ₦500/₦5k as my registration bonus where will ₦4500/₦45k go to?

  • To set up your online Backoffice, pay your uplines and part to company to sustain the company for you

How does having more direct referrals help me in RESOTECH?

  • It increases your chances of having active downlines, helps you earn more referral bonuses, reward point and VTU bonuses